Instant Presence. Representing Art in Photography

Together with the digitisation of collections and the redefining of analogue archives, there has emerged a broad spectrum of new topics dealing with the fascinating subject matter of photography of art works. This results in unprecedented attention being paid to the various kinds of photographs housed in the photo libraries of art history institutions, the estates of art historians, artists and photographers, archives, museums or galleries, and reproduced in periodicals and publications on art history.

Published in honor of Josef Sudek (1896–1976), a Czech photographer otherwise famous for his photographs of the misty window of his studio, the present book brings together experts on the photography of art works from leading European and American institutions as well as curators and art historians who specialise on Sudek and his work. The breadth of the scope of this photographer, for whom making reproductions of fine art was a source of livelihood, helps to open up a number of important questions which explore various problems related to the photographic representation of art.

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Hana Buddeus – Vojtěch Lahoda – Katarína Mašterová (eds.)
Instant Presence. Representing Art in Photography
Praha: Artefactum, 2017
319 pages, 97 illustrations.
The book is published in English.

ISBN 978–80–86890–09–8

Authors: Hana Buddeus, Costanza Caraffa, Antonín Dufek, Sarah Hamill, Amy Hughes, Geraldine A. Johnson, Mariana Kubištová, Vojtěch Lahoda, Megan R. Luke, Katarína Mašterová, Jan Mlčoch, Hélène Pinet, Rolf Sachsse
Editorial coordination: Hana Buddeus
Index and proof check: Vít Bohal
Design: Tim+Tim & Martin Groch
Printing and binding: Helbich a.s., Brno

Table of Contents:

INTRODUCTION (Hana Buddeus, Vojtěch Lahoda and Katarína Mašterová)
– “The Life of Objects”: Sculpture as Subject and Object of the Camera’s Lens (Geraldine A. Johnson)
– Josef Sudek and the Photography of Works of Art – his Predecessors and Contemporaries (Jan Mlčoch)
– Sudek’s Revelations (Antonín Dufek)
– Rodin and his Marble Sculptures: A Photographic Passion (Hélène Pinet)
– Manzoni in the Photothek. Photographic Archives as Ecosystems (Costanza Caraffa)
– The Ambivalent Power of Reproduction: Josef Sudek’s Postcards (Amy Hughes)
– The Photographic Detail and Sculptural Seeing (Sarah Hamill)
– Braun, Brokof, Sudek et al.: Czech Baroque Sculpture in the Light of Modernist Photography (Hana Buddeus)
– Modern Sculpture, A Photobook (Megan R. Luke)
– Photographer and Painter: Josef Sudek and the Mystery of the Image (Vojtěch Lahoda)
– Volume, Material and “Something Else”: Sudek as Engaged Observer of a Turning Point in Modern Czech Sculpture (Katarína Mašterová)
– There Appeared to Be Chaos: Josef Sudek’s Work in the Context of Avant-Garde Architectural Photography in the 1920s and 1930s (Rolf Sachsse)
– The Poetics of Geometry: Josef Sudek as a Photographer of Modern Architecture (Mariana Kubištová)

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